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"Some Girl," by Beth Gilstrap (09.04.14)

"Ghosts in the Termini," by Joel Hans (08.14.14)

from American Past Time (novel excerpt), by Len Joy (07.24.14)

"London, 1973," (novel excerpt) by J.E. Reich (06.26.14)

"Ogdensburg," by Myfanwy Collins (06.05.14)

"Tim Time," by David Parker Jr. (05.15.14)

"A Character of Fiction," by Simon Barker (04.24.14)

"Balcony," by Sarah Marian Seltzer (04.03.14)

"Apollonia at the Retirement Home for Great Apes," by Martha Otis (02.20.14)

"The Plaything of Whales," by James Claffey (01.30.14)

"The Boy Who Turned Into the Man Who Ate Himself," by Paul Davenport-Randell (01.09.14)

"Girl Heads," by Caitlin McGuire (12.19.13)

"Spurgeon," by Glen Pourciau (12.05.13)

"Postmodern Act in the History of Religion #9: The Devil Visits St. Dominic Disguised as a Monkey," by Pablo Piñero Stillmann (11.21.13)

"On The Anniversary of the Suicide of Mr. Wedgeford," by Alicia Hyland (11.07.13)

“Preparation” - an excerpt from The Fabulists, by Catherine Campbell (10.24.13)

"Waiting for the Chinese," by Miles Klee (09.26.13)

"The Wives," by Hannah Sloane (09.05.13)

"Catherine Street," by Deirdre Coyle (08.22.13)

"Pearls," by Cezarija Abartis (08.08.13)

"The Hotshot," by Stephanie Austin (07.25.13)

Two Fictions, by Bezalel Stern (07.11.13)

"Transactions," by Emma Rosenberg (06.27.13)

"The Tourists," by Josef K. Strosche (06.13.13)

"Paper Bag Dragon," by Megan Paonessa (05.23.13)

"The Girl with the Missing Face," by Chris Tusa (05.16.13)

"Temple and Space," by Ashley Stokes (05.02.13)

"Tuesday," by Mel Bosworth (03.14.13)

"City Girls," by LiAnn Yim (03.07.13)

"So Then Pam Wakes Up and Bobby’s in the Shower, Acting Like Nothing Happened," by Emily Koon (02.21.13)

Three Fictions, by Emily Cementina (02.07.13)

"How to Talk to Children About Death," by Andrew Roe (01.31.13)

"Hush," by Andrew Stancek (01.10.13)

"Power Shop," by Pat Rushin (11.29.12 - Short Screenplay)

Two Fictions, by James Claffey (11.22.12)

"Ashes," by Kevin Wilson (11.01.12)

"Chance," by Alana Noël Voth (10.11.12)

"Embers," by Sean Conway (09.27.12)

"Fibroblasts," by Andrew Ladd (09.20.12)

"Broken," by Cezarija Abartis (09.13.12)

"What We Know," by Liz Wyckoff (08.30.12)

"If Not Love, Then the Bomb," by Emily Kiernan (05.31.12)

"Lapels," by Rhys Leyshon Evans (05.24.12)

"Snapshot ‘87," by Sheldon Lee Compton (05.17.12)

"Fun and Games," by Sara Lippmann (05.10.12)

"Haunt," by Ethel Rohan (04.26.12)

"Bridges," by Walter Bjorkman (04.12.12)

"What Naomi Says," by xTx (04.05.12)

"Reminders and Remains," by William Henderson (03.29.12)

"An Encounter," by Brent McKnight (03.15.12)

"Woe Lung," by Kenny Mooney (03.01.12)

"Cera," by Sian Cummins (02.23.12)

"Candy," by Marcus Speh (02.16.12)

"The Bruise," by Zoe Dzunko (02.02.12)

"The City From a Bridge," by Robb Todd (01.26.12)

"Two Hands Are Better Than Four," by Nathaniel Tower (01.19.12)

"The Story of Us," by J.E. Reich (01.05.12)

"Last Night On Oil Street," by Nicolette Wong (12.22.11)

"From a Queens Window," by Sarayah Wright (High School Writers’ Issue—12.15.11)

"It’s Not Christmas Without You," by Emily Sarita (High School Writers’ Issue—12.15.11)

"Push Tape to Signal for Stop," by Emely Paulino (High School Writers’ Issue—12.15.11)

"Theft City," by Sharline Dominguez (High School Writers’ Issue—12.15.11)

"My Voice," by Cindy Caban (High School Writers’ Issue—12.15.11)

"Ultima Thule," by Ashley Stokes (12.08.11—Part Two)

"Ultima Thule," by Ashley Stokes (12.01.11—Part One)

"Nothing to Fear," by Pat Rushin (11.24.11 - Short Screenplay)

"Star Anise," by Kari Nguyen (11.10.11)

"Starlings," by Jack Bootle (10.27.11)

"The Games We Play," by Mensah Demary (10.13.11)

"Closet Tarzan," by James Valvis (10.06.11)

"Treasure," by Matthew Boyd (09.29.11)

"Prevailing Winds," by Meg Tuite (09.22.11)

"Shiny People Club," by Abby Rotstein (09.01.11)

"Everyone Wants to Live There," by Sarah Malone (08.25.11)

"Salvation," by Jen Violi (08.18.11)

"Types of Circus," by Jen Knox (08.11.11)

"The Whole Deal," by Myfanwy Collins (08.04.11)

"Mother Knows Best," by Melanie Yarbrough (06.30.11)  

"Common Password Profile Users: God, Love, Lust, Money and Private," by Robert Vaughan (Fictionaut Issue—06.02.11)

"Immolation," by Susan Tepper (Fictionaut Issue—06.02.11)

"Variation of a Variation of a Mode," by Sam Rasnake (Fictionaut Issue—06.02.11)

"The Cooling," by Meg Pokrass (Fictionaut Issue—06.02.11)

"The Spaces in Between," by Len Kuntz (Fictionaut Issue—06.02.11)

"Fly," by Julie Innis (05.26.11)

"Fact of Life," by Alison Barker (05.19.11)

Two Postcard Fictions, by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé (05.12.11)

"Miniature Golf," by S.H. Gall (05.05.11)

"Gunplay," by Neil Serven (04.21.11)

"A House, A Summerhouse" - an excerpt from the novel, The Burning House, by Paul Lisicky (04.14.11)

"Sweet Potato Fries Please," by Frank Hinton (03.31.11)

"The Goldberg Variations," by Jason Lee Norman (03.24.11)

"The Education of the President’s Dog Quincy," by Anthony Luebbert (03.10.11)

"Girls With Eating Disorders," by Roxane Gay (03.03.11)

"Elsewhere," by Stephen Hastings-King (02.24.11)

"Mother Burning," by Marcus Speh (02.17.11)

"Flaming Beauty," by Matt Potter (02.10.11)

"Letter to the Editor," by Adam Sivits (01.27.11)

"La Dame du Lac," by Jack Allen (01.20.11)

"La Plaza Del Sol," by Shelagh Power-Chopra (12.30.10)