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"On Returning," by Sarah Flynn (03.12.14)

"Samson," by Matthew Müller (05.30.13)

"Preparing to Use a Fork," by Laura Musselman (03.28.13)

"Refinance Letter," by Guy Choate (02.28.13)

"Cody," by Jessica Dur Taylor (02.14.13)

"What We’ll Keep," by Brenda Rankin (01.17.13)

"The Birdhouse Builder," by Len Joy (11.15.12)

"Leave Me Now," by Leilani Clark (10.25.12)

"And Those Times You’re Better Off Alone," by Ben Cake (10.04.12)

"After the Holocene," by Lauren Carlson (09.06.12)

"Driving Lessons," by Angie Chatman (08.16.12)

"September 12th," by Patrick Ross (Sidney W. Vernick Award in Nonfiction—06.21.12)

"The City and Writing," by Tina Uebel, translated by Shelley Frisch (Sidney W. Vernick Award in Nonfiction—06.14.12)

"Linus and Lucy," by Ray Shea (Sidney W. Vernick Award in Nonfiction—06.07.12)

"Five Senses: Terracina to Rome," by Eva Sandoval (04.19.12)

"Goodbye To All That," by Sarah Flynn (12.29.11)

"Broken Toys," by Bryanna A. Buchanan (High School Writers’ Issue—12.15.11)

"1974, What I Wanted," by Ann Bogle (Fictionaut Issue—06.02.11)

"Landscapes," by Nicholas Mainieri (03.17.11)

"Headlines," by Karen Eileen Sikola (02.03.11)

"Love Letter," by Casey Lefante (12.14.10)