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fwriction : review is now accepting submissions. Reading and publication will be done on a rolling basis.

We accept works in all genres, as long as the writing either melts faces or rocks waffles. That is your mission.

Please submit as follows:

Fiction & Nonfiction: under 5,000 words
Translation: same as above

Please do not send more than one piece per submission.

We are now accepting translated works of fiction and nonfiction. Please review the above guidelines for word limits and multiple submissions.

In addition to the translated work, please include a statement granting fwriction : review the following: permission to publish the translated work(s) and acknowledgement that you have acquired the rights from the original author/publishers to publish your translation.

(Note: these guidelines do not apply to self-translated writing; for such work, please submit via the regular prose categories.)

We will also be asking our published translators to participate in the Translator Trio, consisting of three questions about the translation process and relationship to the translated text.

Feel free to contact the Associate Editor (Laura Brown) with any questions about submitting works of translation.

We are currently accepting interviews for our Writer Squared series, featuring writers in conversation with writers. Please query the editors before submitting an interview. An interview should only be submitted once it has been approved by the editors.

Please wait to hear from the editors before sending in more work.

Simultaneous submissions are fine, though not previously published material.

Submit via: Submittable (a kick-ass online submission manager!)

Do not submit as a text post below. Only submit work via Submittable. Please include a short bio with all submissions.

All rights remain with the author. Unfortunately, fwriction : review is unable to pay its contributors, but your work will have a wonderful, nurturing home, complete with a link and posting on the fwriction blog, as well as on Twitter and Facebook. We want as many people to read your fantastic work as possible.

New issues will be released every other week, on Thursdays, giving each featured piece or author two weeks to be showcased.

Sign up to receive new issues of fwriction : review delivered weekly to your e-mail.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail the Editor (Danny Goodman) or the Associate Editor (Laura Brown). Looking forward to reading your work—rock some waffle!


fwriction : review

The Editors

Danny Goodman is the founder and editor of fwriction : review, along with its sister blog, fwriction. He is a writer, editor, teacher, and highly-skilled beard trimmer. A list of his publications can be found at his homepage. He lives in New York City and is in need of a nap, like you wouldn’t believe.
(Twitter: @fwriction)

Laura Brown is the Associate Editor of fwriction : review. She often sings in German, and her skills with apple pancakes are unprecedented. In addition to a keen editorial eye, Brown paints in her spare time. She fancies, above most things, paper lanterns and twinkle lights. She currently serves as the publisher’s assistant at HarperCollins. (Twitter: @lb1899)

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